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We are committed to a corporate culture of gratitude. Our team and the consumers we talk to share their thoughts on gratitude here - what are YOU grateful for in this moment? Gratitude can be accessed and shared anywhere - and it's fun to find it where you least expect it. You can always find gratitude at UPLevel.

I’m grateful I’m finally out of collections.

I’m grateful for my health.

I’m grateful for my family who loaned me the money to pay off the account.

I am grateful for family – they are the constant in my life! Through good times and bad; happy times and sad; challenges and successes ~ they are there through it all for me and love me for who I am! Not for who I could have been!

I am truly grateful for the amazing conversation that I shared with my son last night. It amazes me all the time on what insight he has. I’m thankful that he has grown into a young man that enjoys late night chats with his mom.

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to take part in the training and development of our newest family members. It is very rewarding to see the excitement and enthusiasm on their faces as they start to piece together the information, and realize that this will be a great experience.

I’m grateful for the moments I celebrate having overcome an obstacle – normally, I’m the one that perceived an obstacle and it wasn’t really there. Every moment of learning and personal growth leads me to these celebrations and when I’m able to see it, nothing is impossible!


I’m grateful to work in an environment that encourages, facilitates and nurtures professional and personal growth. Every day at UPLevel presents new opportunities and I feel proud and blessed to be part of that culture.


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